Burn Babylon (acoustic version)

by Sylford Walker



Burn Babylon first recorded in the 1970s, Sylford Walker first ever recordings. Fast forward 2018 the song has made history again when visionary producer Leon Cameron teamed with Carson Hoovestol aka Mcpullish from Austin
Texas to bring you this beautiful acoustic version of Burn Babylon.


It's a long, long, long, long, long..
It's a long time, I man a burn up the collie weed.
But it seems the Babylon them them them..
Come fight 'gainst I.
Them a fight 'gainst I.
I wanna know.. the reason why.

Babylon fight 'gainst Natty Dread;
Babylon no fight 'gainst the rum head;
Babylon no fight 'gainst the wine head;
Only a, Natty Dreadlocks.
Say Natty Dread up ina Babylon,
Natty dread all over Rome.
Dread in a Babylon,
Dread weh de wicked gwan.
Babylon come..
Come see I a burn up a likkle iley.


Babylon falling..
Babylon fall!
The wicked one drop.
Wicked one shall feel, the fire of..
Babylon dread, say Babylon dread.
Fire can burn, burn Babylon..
Burn Babylon:
It ago dread weh deh Babylon.
Natty Dread up in a Babylon,
Natty Dread all over Rome.
Oh, he no want, in a Babylon, no..
Place call African land,
That's the place where we wanna go.
Way up in a African-can-can..
That's the place where my forefathers were,
That's the place where we wanna go you know, oh.
Natty Dread, dreader than dread,
Dreader than dread, blood Babylon


released April 14, 2018
Produced by: Leon Cameron & Carson Hoovestol
Mix by: Mcpullish
Master by: Daniel Boyle
Recorded at: Prideland Entertainment (Jamaica)
Published by: Leaguscam music BMI
Track provided by: Mcpullish (Austin Texas)
Art work by: Lalo Pacheo


all rights reserved



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